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The West Mill Derby

Here are few wedding videos from The West Mill in Derby. This exclusive use wedding venue is one of most popular wedding locations in Derby and it is easy to see why. The Old Mill has been transformed in modern and quirky industrial style venue set right next to a beautiful water fall.

The West Mill is located in Darley Abbey on the banks of River Derwent. This venue can seat up to 160 guests making it perfect for larger weddings. As my photographer husband once said, it is impossible to take a bad photo there, and the same goes for video.

Featured West Mill wedding films

Laura + Tom


A Christmas themed wedding video. Laura & Tom had to wait a bit longer than originally expected for their wedding day but when it finally arrived it was well worth it.

This wedding film is simple and heartwarming with a sprinkle of humour.

Maisie & Joe had a spring wedding at the gorgeous West Mil in Derby.

When Joe first asked Maisie to date him, she turned him down. Luckily he had a second chance and the rest, as they say, is history.

My Style

Nottingham wedding videograpoher

My wedding films are natural and unposed. They show authentic moments, emotions and and interactions between people. I do not stage or set up things, I simply record what happens naturally.

I always put people above things. When you watch your film years or even decades later it won't matter how each decoration looked like. But the people you love will always matter. Some of them will be gone, others grown up or changed, but the memories you made together will be forever captured.

I keep my gear to minimum. There are no big rigs or huge cameras. In fact, for most of the day I tend to film handheld. (Apart from ceremony and speeches). Guests often think that I am a photographer and don't even realised that it's actually video.

I could spend ages talking about how I work and why I like making wedding videos, but it's probably better if you simply watch some of my films and make your own mind up. And if you like what you see please get in touch with me.

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