Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire

A video from Sasha and Ben’s wedding at Hazel Gap Barn in Nottinghamshire

Hazel Gap is part of Cripps Barns company and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The red brick barn provides a stunning backdrop for the ceremony and the oak barn has plenty of space for guests to enjoy their wedding breakfast. In the evening, the newlyweds and their guests can toast marshmallows in the fire pits at the courtyard.

Sasha and Ben love story is classic tale of American high school romance. Ben was an American football player and Sasha was a cheerleader.  They met on a joint social between the two teams although initially Sasha didn’t even notice Ben. However as everyone was leaving for the next bar, it turned out that Ben had just bought 5 pints. This is when, Sasha went over and demanded to know why. Ben explained that it was a £1 per pint and minimum card payment was £5. Since he didn’t have any cash he decided to buy 5 pints instead. Sasha was not impressed but decided to help Ben.

They started talking and completely out of character, Ben invited her out for a coffee. Sasha does not drink coffee, but nevertheless she agreed. The coffee date went well and Ben offered to cook dinner for her. After living mainly on super noodles Sasha was more than happy to accept a promise of a freshly cooked meal. After that Sasha and Ben stayed in each other’s company throughout their university years and beyond.

On their wedding day it was obvious how much Sarah and Ben enjoy each other’s company. It was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter and some amazing dance moves in the evening.


Photographer – Kathryn Edwards

Wedding dress –  Bridal Suite Nottingham

Hair stylist – Vivinne Bramwell

Make-up artist – Kelly Sleaford

Florist – Passion Flowers

Cake – Mary Leonard

Violinist – Alesia Violin

Band – Brother from Another

Photobooth –  Picture Blast


Aurora – SVVN

Sky’s the Limit – The Lady & I