Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire

A video from Ruth and Dan’s wedding at Hazel Gap Barn in Nottinghamshire. 

Dan and Ruth met during their first year in university. When Dan’s friends found out that Dan finally had a girlfriend they were desperate to find out more about her. Despite their many questions Dan did not give much away. Under the pressure of their questioning, he managed to blurt out “Well, she’s not ugly…”   

As it turned out this relationship was meant to last, however Dan really made Ruth to wait for the next step. It was seven years before they moved in together and the pressure to propose was building day by day. Nevertheless, Dan ignored all the hints and questions from friends and family and decided to travel the world instead.

As Dan and Ruth were travelling, it soon became apparent how much they enjoy each other’s company. Without the pressure from others Dan finally made a decision to ‘pop the question…” Ruth said ‘yes’ but they decided to keep the new secret for a while.

Eventually they returned back home and started to plan a wedding. They picked Hazel Gap barn as their wedding venue and started to plan the big day.

They also decided to put Bandit on the guest list. Bandit was once a street dog in Bosnia, but then Dan and Ruth decided to give him a loving home and now he is a part of their new family.