View some of my favourite wedding videos I have had the honour of creating for my amazing customers around the East Midlands area.

My approach is use both sounds and film to tell the story of your day in a cinematic style. To capture not just the bits you didn’t see from your wedding day. But to relive the day once more. To document the happiness and emotions in a way that is timeless.

Click on the play button on any of the videos below. I only take on a limited number of weddings each year to ensure I can devote the time required to individually edit each film to perfection. So drop me a message to check if I am available for your wedding date.

Suki & Ed

Suki & Ed - Carriage Hall, Nottinghamshire

Everlasting love stories start with boy meets girl… This love story starts at Maryland Chicken late one Halloween night when Wally was finally found….

Vicky & Jason

Vicky & Jason - Colwick Hall Nottingham

When Vicky started leaving her handbag in Jason’s DJ booth, he had to lie to many people in order to get Vicky’s phone number…..

Lauren & Mike

Lauren & Mike - The West Mill, Derby

What happens when old friends meet each other again? They fall in love, of course! Then they have a fantastic wedding with lots of love and laughter and some great dance moves….