Hello there!

Selfportrait - Nottingham wedding videographer

My name is Daiga and I am the face behind No Ordinary Films. Here are a few random facts about me...

I absolutely love being outdoors and being surrounded by nature. The Peaks, seaside, mountains and forests. The wilder the better!

I love cats. Dogs are OK too. Ooh and horses. To be fair I love all animals.

I am a sun addict. I even move my computer around the house to make sure I always work in a sunny spot.

I love cycling but according to my son I’m not very good at it. Think I need some more practice.

My husband’s name is Martin. He sometimes second shoots for me. He is also my personal IT help desk when the computer says “no”

I prefer Marvel movies to chick flicks and I am huge Star Wars fan. The inner child in me also loves Disney fairy tales.

Apparently I am a bit of geek. But I’m OK with it. Geeks are cool!

My Approach

I like to keep things simple. Observe. Listen. Catch a moment and move on.

I keep my wedding gear fairly minimal. No big rigs, no big crew. Only what I need to shoot as efficiently as possible. This allows me to move around quickly and quietly.

My focus is always on people. Emotions. Interactions. Things that truly matter.

I love to capture the in-between moments. The 'just before' and 'just after'. For these are moments that make every wedding unique and every video personal.