Pumping House, Ollerton

A wedding video from Jennie and Dan’s wedding at Ollerton Pumping House. From the moment Dan met Jennie he fell head over heels for her! Unfortunately she wasn’t too keen…

Dan tried everything!  He  made origami animals, sat outside Jennie’s door with a bunch of flowers and even run a marathon. Unfortunately none of this worked. Then, one day, Dan found out that Jenny always has a caterpillar cake for her birthday. He thought: ” I know, I will bake a cake for Jenny! She will see the cake, wrap her hands around me and kiss me. And then we will skip away happily into the sunset!”   Unfortunately none of this happened! Drunk Jenny bit of the head of the caterpillar and barely acknowledged Dan’s efforts.

At this point Dan was almost ready to give up. He had a job offer in another country and had to make a decision. After a tearful chat with his friend Dan decided to stay.  It turned out to be the right decision! Jenny eventually warmed up to Dan and the rest as they say is history.

The new couple decided to have their wedding in the UK. Since Jenny’s mum is a vicar, she was more than  happy to conduct a marriage service for her daughter. It is no surprise that it was a very emotional ceremony!  After the ceremony the wedding party travelled to Ollerton Pumping House in Nottinghamshire.

Jenny and Dan’s wedding  was a celebration of all the different cultures they had encountered whilst living and working in different countries. Their guests had a chance to try South African street food and sweets from all over the world. Jenny and Dan had also set up a number of themed rooms above the reception hall.  Guests could make their own cocktails in gin room and play table football in sports room. They could watch Jenny and Dan’s travel videos in cinema room and pin their location on a map in travel room.  The new couple had also written personalised postcards to each of their guests.

For the wedding breakfast Jennie and Dan had organised food stations serving a selection of Korean, Japanese, Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. For those with a sweet tooth there was also a great selection of puddings.

The evening finished with a big party on the dance floor and a sparkler exit in the dark.