West Mill, Derby

A wedding video from Vicki-Marie and James big day at the West Mill in Derby. West Mill is an industrial style venue located on the waterside at Darley Abbey park. It is one those places that look stunning even without any decorations. with many of the old cotton features are still there on the show, It has plenty of character.  Set on four floors this wedding venue has plenty of space even for large weddings.

Vicki-Marie and James have known of each other’s existence since they were 4 years old. They went to the same nursery, then to the same primary and same comprehensive school, yet they never spoke to each other. Vicki-Marie didn’t even sign James’s leaving t-shirt! It seemed they will never cross paths again.

Then the age of Facebook arrived and people started reconnecting with their old schoolmates. One day out of the blue James got Facebook message from Vicki-Marie. They started chatting, and although it took years, eventually Vicki-Marie agreed to go on a date. They have never looked back since.

Vicki-Marie and James like to say they are on the same wavelength and that is why they get on so well. They enjoy each other’s company. Whether it is playing retro videogames, watching Netflix or spending time with their baby daughter Vienna, they are always happy to be together.


The Dress – Ivory White, Duffield

Florist – Avant Gardens

Hair & Makeup – Nicola Hodgkinson

Wedding band – The Phonics

Entertainment – Jem Events Magic Mirror

Wedding car – Derby Wedding Cars

Cake – Pretty Little Cakes


Fixed On You – Matt Brown

Heartbeat – SAILR