Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire

A wedding video from Heidi and Sam’s big day at the Hazel Gap Barn in Nottingham.

Hazel Gap Barn is one of the most popular wedding venues in Nottingham and there is a very good reason for it. The old barn has been converted into rustic exclusive use wedding venue. It features a spacious ceremony barn, gorgeous courtyard with fire pits and lovely grounds for the portraits.

Heidi and Sam’s story started when they were still at school. A young Heidi once went to her dad and said “Dad, this boy has asked me out and I really like him. What should I do?” Despite the overwhelming urge to tell that boy to go away, Heidi’s dad gave her some advice and soon she was dating. That boy was Sam.

During their time together Heidi and Sam travelled the world visiting a number of different countries. However, it was New Zealand that stole their hearts and the new couple decided to make it their home. Nevertheless, when it came to their wedding day, Heidi and Sam decided to tie the knot back in the UK.

On the wedding day morning Heidi got ready at the Redbrick House in Mansfield. The rest of the wedding day took place at the Hazel Gap Barn. Heidi and Sam opted for a humanist ceremony, which allowed them to include more personal touches. After the wedding breakfast the couple and their guests could to roast marshmallows in the fire pits outside and dance until the end of the night.


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