Mill Barns Wedding Video

Hayley and Steve tied the knot at the Mill Barns in Shropshire. Mill Barns is an exclusive wedding venue in the West Midlands set at the waterfront, featuring stunning landscaped gardens.

When Hayley and Steve first started dating they kept it secret. As Steve put it “you’ve got to be either brave or stupid to date your best friends little sister!” However, eventually it became too difficult to hide their relationship, and one of Steve’s friends decided to have a chat with Hayley’s brother. Despite everything the chat went well and Steve and Hayley could finally announce their relationship publicly.

Nevertheless Steve’s troubles weren’t over yet. Now everyone was waiting for him to propose! As the years went by the pressure increased, until Steve could take it no more. So one evening when Hayley got back he decided to pop the question. Unfortunately this was after Hayley had removed all the makeup and changed into pyjamas. Luckily she still said yes, broke down in tears and went back upstairs to get ready for all the guests that Steve had invited.

When it came to the wedding day both Hayley and Steve both got ready at the Mills Barns.  The ceremony took place at the Mill Wheel Barn followed by the wedding breakfast at Mill Pond Barn.  We were really lucky with the weather and managed to capture some gorgeous portraits during golden hour as well as stunning nighttime portraits after the nightfall when Mill Barns had turned on their gorgeous purple mood lights.

The wedding film from Hayley and Steve’s wedding is a perfect mix of sweetness, love, fun and a bit of humour.

Music :
End Of Time (feat Gisel) – Jonny Stimson
Falling For You – The Light of The Heat