Bride and groom sitting on the top of Mam Tor

Raw. Authentic. Real.

There are moments in our life that we will never forget. Endings and new beginnings. Cornerstones. Moments that are embraced in love. Family and friends coming together to celebrate a new beginning. Creating memories that will last forever.

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Wedding films

Rachael & Shaun

Rachel & Adam

Cancun, Mexico

Oulton Hall

Rachel and Adam’s story started in the nightclub when Adam’s friend’s dragged him across the dance floor to introduce him to their classmate. Rachel took one quick look at Adam, leaned in to his ear and shouted: “YOU’RE RATE FIT…” and went straight back to dancing. At this point Adam knew that he had a keeper!

There is something truly magical about winter weddings. The colder and darker it is outside the warmer and cosier it feels inside.

Rachel nearly cancelled her first date with Shaun but luckily her sister convinced her to give Shaun a chance. Little did she know that 5 years later they would be tying the knot.

Lucy & Daniel

Hayley & Steve

Wharfedale Grange

The Mill Barns

Lucy and Daniel met through friends and it didn’t take them long to arrange a follow up date. They picked the Alchemist and tried pretty much every single cocktail on the menu! No wonder the memories from the night are slightly hazy. Nevertheless, it turned out to be start of their relationship.

"You need to really brave or really stupid to date your best mate’s little sister...." Luckily it worked out well for Steve. Despite the secretive beginning his relationship with Haley blossomed and he even managed to get an approval from Hayley’s brother...eventually!

Steve & Hayley picked the stunning Mill Barns for their big day and had a fantastic wedding filled with lots of fun and laughter.

Rebecca & Rebecca

Meghna & Sam

Aston Hall

Trafalgar Warehouse

Meg and Sam come from the opposite sides of the world. She grow up in Hong Kong whilst Sam is from the UK. Their fusion wedding is a celebration of both of their cultures and includes a Christian ceremony in the church followed by Hindu ceremony in the gardens.

When two people truly fall in love, their love shines so bright that it illuminates everything around them. This certainly stands true for Rebecca & Rebecca. This film doesn't only celebrate the love R&R share with each other but also the love they share with their family and friends. It is emotional, raw, joyful and incredibly beautiful!

Jay & Joe

Laura & Daniel

The West Mill

Hazel Gap Barn

When Jay and Joe decided to get married they knew that it will not be a traditional wedding. So they made a decision to have some fun with it and settled on Harry Potter theme.

Their attention to detail was simply phenomenal! All the guests were sorted in four Hogwarts houses and asked to dress in colours of their house. They decorations included, a sorting hat, a Quibbler magazine featuring an article about Jay & Joe, personalised wands for all the guests, and tables representing different Hogwarts subjects. And these are only some of the things, check out the video to see the rest!

When Laura met Daniel, she would talk about him constantly and her mum soon realised that there is something different about this guy. Luckily Daniel felt the same way about Laura and before long they were dating.

When Laura and Daniel decided to get married they both knew that there one special family member that would like at their wedding. Watch out for Teddy!

Jasmin & Tim

Stephanie & Peter

Hazel Gap Barn

Carriage Hall

Jasmin & Tim met during a fresher’s week in university. Jasmin was one of the freshers whilst Tim was a 2nd year student responsible for helping her to settle in. Tim tried everything to impress the new girl, but nothing really seemed to work. Not even drinking from his own stinky shoe.

Luckily, as the time went on Tim's luck started to change and he managed to tempt Jasmin with home cooked meal. Tired of her pot noodles Jasmin agreed...

Peter put a lot of effort in planning the perfect proposal! He booked a surprise trip to Barcelona, found 5-start hotel and even arranged a private booth on the roof terrace for their dinner. Unfortunately, things did not go according to the plan.

Their trip coincided with the Catalonian march for independence. The streets were cordoned off, riot police everywhere, no taxis available.... To top it all off they were also moved from their private dinning booth in favour of a VIP guest...

Despite all this Peter plucked up all his courage and asked the question....