The Difference Between a Wedding Videographer and Cinematographer

What’s the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer?  It’s an understandable question.  In fact, many couples may not even realise there’s a difference and assume they are the same thing.

Historically a videographer would turn up with a large video camera and film the wedding day from start to finish.  The footage would be handed over as a video tape.  The happy couple would later invite their friends and family over to watch their 2 or 3 hour wedding video.  If you weren’t suddenly ‘busy’ then you’d politely sit through a long possibly shaky video and poor sound quality.

Nowadays many ‘videographers’ have switched to using modern DSLR cameras which are able to capture high quality video as well as photographs.  However intense competition as well as the availability of modern editing software has meant that it is now possible to use several cameras to provide you with more angles, better sound.  All stitched together seamlessly to tell the story of your day.  In short, a more cinematic experience.