This certainly was a wedding like no other! It was a non traditional wedding featuring live bands, a beer tent, glitter tattoos, serenades for the bride and at one point even princess ‘Elsa’ made an appearance.

When Gemma and Ste decided to have a festival wedding, no one was sure what to expect and it turned out to be utterly bonkers. And also, amazing, fun, sweet, sunny and extremely positive, in other words unforgettable…

The official ceremony took place on Thursday in Matlock Bath with only the closest family in attendance.  Unlike many couples, Gemma and Ste met up before the ceremony and walked down the aisle together, which helped Gemma to avoid the wedding nerves and made the ceremony really relaxed and full of smiles.

Afterwards the photographer and I took the newlyweds for a walk around Matlock Bath to capture some footage with just the two of them. It turned out be a really fun walk that included Ste attempting to do the ‘crane kick’ from the Karate Kid film, taking over the swings at the playground, shooting water cannons at the arcades and even robbing some random stranger’s chips. Ohh, and did I mentioned that Gemma was barefoot for the most of the walk?

However, all of this was just the prelude to the main event on Saturday- The Crippersfest!

Crippersfest was an event for the whole family. First there was the beer/cider tent provided by the Fish Pond bar (you haven’t lived until you try their rhubarb cider), warm food freshly made by the guys from Gothic Bites as well as naughty but nice doughnuts at the Doughnut Hut.

Once you had your tummy sorted it was time to enjoy the live performances by a number of different bands. As good as they all were, none could top Steve’s performance though. I am talking about those very special songs he sang for Gemma. After all, how many other weddings have a groom serenading his bride, and doing it well?

Whilst adults were busy listening to the music, having a good natter with friends and family or showing off their best dance moves, children also had plenty to do. They could choose from a variety of games provided, have their faces painted or just run around and enjoy the countryside. Until princess ‘Elsa’ arrived that is. She looked amazing and got everyone singing and dancing, pity she could not stay for long.

At the dusk, the big campfire was lit and the party continued long into the night.

These are only some of the things that took place at Crippersfest, but it would take way too long to list them all, so click on the video above and see for yourself!