Patricia and Alan, Colwick Hall

We are not perfect and neither do we have to be! When we truly fall in love with someone we fall in love with all of them, the good and the bad. We love them through the good days and the bad, through the sun and through the rain. The love remains even when we we are at the end of our tether, when we say we have had enough but somehow still go on…. because that is what love does. That is what makes love so beautiful.

It was in the middle of row when Alan and Patricia decided to renew their vows, 28 years after their wedding day. They had worked hard through the years and achieved many of their dreams, but when Alan was diagnosed with motor neuron disease their life changed forever. Patricia took on the role of Alans carer, and although many things changed their love remained.

When Alan and Patricia decided to renew their vows they picked the same church where they first got married followed by afternoon tea at Colwick Hall. Patricia had only weeks to get ready for the big day but somehow everything came together in perfect time.

The date that that they picked also happened to be the date of the royal wedding and Colwick Hall was decorated for the occasion. It was a gorgeous sunny day and surrounded by their closest family and friends Alan and Patrica made their vows to each other just like they had done 28 years ago.  It was clear to everyone present how much these vows meant to them and I am sure there was no dry eye in the church that day.

Their story is one of love, the kind of love that grows strong trough difficulties, goes far beyond imperfections and demonstrates the true meaning of marriage vows.

I have made many wedding videos and filmed many stories but this is one that will stay with me forever.

Music (Song Freedom)

Wedding Melody by Draganov Veaceslav

Lullaby For My Wife by Danijel Vukovic

A romantic Dream by Mark Stone